Mystery purple dark edition


Mystery purple (dark edition) chameleon tint. Available in 3 different lengths.

Specification: VLT: 77%, UVR: 97% , IRR: 93%

Professional installation recommended.

This is product only! If you like to book in chameleon tint installation service with us, online booking system is attached in description below.

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Please note that different car manufacturers glass can vary in VLT and it is down to you to check that UK law requirements are made once the film is installed. Revolution Tint is not responsible for any legal repercussions for the installation of the film if it does not comply with the legal requirements.
The colour of the film will change depending on weather, lighting, temperature, car size and shape and different angle of view. It does not constantly have the same look and will look differently depending on these factors which is why it is known as “chameleon” tint.

"1m by 1.5m", "1m by 3m", 1m by 4.5m"


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